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Since 2003, we are running a war against spam. We are back as a News Portal that covers the latest in Tech, Entertainment, Online Learning, Finance, and Sports and fulfils your daily reading habit.

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The belief that spam emails (a.k.a junk mail) pose a genuine threat to the overall usefulness of e-mail communication is quickly gaining widespread acceptance. With the accelerated growth in the volume of spam emails being sent every year, now accounting for over 80% of all email traffic, spam has become a problem that governments, businesses and the public, in general, can no longer ignore. But the fight to control spam is an ongoing struggle with spammers constantly devising new methods and tricks to get their unsolicited messages to the widest audience possible. As a result, technology and legislation are constantly evolving to meet these new challenges, and likewise, here at SpamHelp, we are committed to building a resource that evolves to reflect the changes in the war against spam.

We intend to take a look at all the different angles related to controlling spam. As a home user, what steps can be taken to limit the volume of spam that I receive? As a network administrator, what steps can I take to control the volume of spam hitting my mail servers and entering the network? What spam filtering software is available to control spam on the desktop? What server-based antispam software is available? What are governments doing to discourage spamming? The answers to all these questions and more will be found here on SpamHelp. We hope the information provided within these pages will prove useful and practical in your efforts to fight spam. Enjoy your stay and please remember to visit us on a regular basis to keep up with all the latest developments.

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3 May 2023 - Happy(?!) birthday to e-mail spam! Today, spam is 45 years old, with the first spam e-mail sent by Gary Theurk, an employee at Digital Equipment Company (which was purchased by Compaq and later HP), to 393 Arpanet users.

We've launched a new services category for those who prefer a hosted anti-spam solution. The industry name for this solution is managed anti-spam. InfoWorld has carried out comprehensive reviews and comparisons between anti-spam appliances. If you're only interested in the results chart, you may check it out here.

Our SMTP open relay tester has now come out of BETA. It also has the ability to report to DSBL (Distributed Server Boycott List), a blacklist. We've launched a new services category for those who prefer a hosted anti-spam solution. The industry name for this solution is managed anti-spam.

The services section has been split up into two categories - disposable email services and challenge/response services for your convenience. More categories and listings will be up soon.

An appliances section has been added to the site, featuring listings of anti-spam hardware solutions.

We've brought some useful tools together to help in the war against spam. Check out the new Network Tools section!

Launched a new tool - Harvester Killer. This page shows a hundred randomly generated email addresses. Email harvesters will store all of these emails in a DB, and following the link at the bottom of the page, fill them up with more invalid email addresses. They eventually end up in an infinite loop.

The articles section is finally open.

The services section is now up and running, database driven. We will be working on allowing comments and voting, sorting, searching and of course a submission form.

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