Anti-Spam Appliances

Deployed at the gateway or in front of the mail server, antispam appliances are hardware-based solutions integrated with onboard anti-spam software and are normally driven by an operating system optimized for spam filtering.

Barracuda Spam Filter
Barracuda Networks manufactures the Barracuda Spam Firewall family, the most trusted spam-blocking networking device for small and large companies. The Barracuda Spam Firewall handles a massive amount of email, over 10 million messages a day, without bogging down your email servers. It also filters out viruses at the same time. The innovative hardware and software design incorporates reliability from the ground up. To provide you with maximum protection against the latest types of spam and virus attacks, Barracuda Networks also maintains a powerful operations centre, Barracuda Central. From there, our engineers continuously monitor the Internet for trends in spam and virus attacks. Updates to counter these attacks are then automatically retrieved by your Barracuda Spam Firewall, thus relieving you of this task.

Company: Barracuda Networks


SecPoint Protector – UTM Appliance
The Protector has features such as Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Content-Filter, Anti-P2P, Anti Instant Messaging, Anti Phishing and Intrusion Prevention. The Protector fits in all environments ranging from 10 to 1000 or more users. If you want it all you can have it all. The All-In-On Unified Threat Management Protectors are fully loaded with all modules ready to protect your network.

Company: SecPoint


Astaro Security Gateway Appliance
Astaro Security Gateway network security appliances provide complete, cost-effective protection against a wide range of information security threats. Astaro’s technology has been tested and proven on over 25,000 networks and has won multiple awards including Best Business Security Appliance of 2005 from PC Magazine.

Company: Astaro


MXtreme Mail Firewall Appliance
MXtreme Mail Firewall provides the latest protection against viruses, SPAM and employee misuse, but adds new defences against Malformed messages carrying malicious code; Buffer overflow attacks against mail servers and their underlying OS; Attacks against remote access systems like Outlook Web Access and iNotes. These new threats need new defences, and the MXtreme Mail Firewall delivers them in a new high-security appliance.

A key requirement for today’s office is remote access to email. MXtreme’s Secure Web Mail delivers authenticated (e.g. RSA SecurID), encrypted proxied sessions for users to access their own internal mailboxes, using its own Web interface, Lotus iNotes and Outlook Web Access. MXtreme implements a three-tier SPAM barrier: configurable filters based on source systems, the use of RBL lists to reject known SPAM, and smart pattern matching to reject based on suspicious message envelope characteristics.

Company: BorderWare Technologies Inc.


CipherTrust’s anti-spam solution provides unparalleled detection and policy enforcement capabilities while mitigating the challenges of managing a daily outpouring of spam and unwanted messages. Integral to IronMail’s success have been its best-of-breed tools, gateway-based architecture and multi-faceted approach to spam detection and management. Using IronMail, businesses benefit from enterprise-wide spam management designed to improve detection rates, enhance network manageability, and eliminate blocking legitimate mail (false positives). Key tools in IronMail’s arsenal are the Enterprise Spam Profiler (ESP) system, the User Quarantine system, and the CipherTrust Research team.

Company: CipherTrust, Inc.


GWGuardian Appliance
By using a multi-layered GroupWise anti-spam defence with advanced POP/IMAP and SMTP security options, GWGuardian is a complete GroupWise mail firewall that prevents unauthorized use of GWIA, blocks scan attacks, and enforces authentication of users sending an email. GWGuardian also blocks messages based on real-time blacklists (RBL), limits the number of simultaneous connections, and rejects connections from specified addresses or IPs. GWGuardian is compatible with any mail server, including Novell GroupWise 5.5-6.x. The gateway is deployed safely behind your corporate firewall through a single connection, effectively enhancing your server’s security. Furthermore, GWGuardian provides gateway intelligence that features unique user-aware pre-authentication to prevent Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and caches authenticated users for optimal performance. Once a message is received by GWGuardian, it connects to the mail server to verify if the user exists: if not, the message is rejected.

Company: Messaging Architects


Meridius Email Gateway appliance
Stop email attacks in their tracks, and add an ironclad layer of perimeter security to your network with the enterprise-class Meridius 1000 Email Gateway Appliance. Secure your mail relays and protect an unlimited number of email accounts with real-time spam detection achieving catch rates higher than 99%-yet zero false positives.

Shield your networks with 100% effective virus blocking, backed by automated virus definition updates, and an unrivalled virus quarantine system. The Meridius 1000 dedicated appliance takes the guesswork out of safeguarding your networks, offering powerful protection without risk to privacy, mail flow, or network resources.

Company: BlueCat Networks, Inc.


SpamGate Anti-spam Appliance SpamGate is ideal for small, medium, and large enterprises & education customers. The SpamGate appliance quickly eliminates spam from enterprise email systems. Most anti-spam appliances require time-consuming and management-intensive rules, blacklists or signatures to work. But SpamGate intercepts spam at the gateway level, filtering out a questionable email before it impacts the email servers. Administrators can install and configure SpamGate in less than 30 minutes. SpamGate goes immediately to work, eliminating 95% of junk email while letting good email through.

How SpamGate works SpamGate acts as a gateway positioned between the Internet and your mail server. Inbound mail is routed to the SpamGate appliance where it is checked for Spam characteristics, malformed headers, and Viruses. If the message is tagged as Spam, SpamGate can automatically delete the Spam message, modify the subject line to indicate “Possible Spam”, modify the message header, forward the Spam message to a common mailbox, or reject the Spam message.

Company: WorkGroup Solutions


PowerElf II Appliance
The PowerElf II antispam appliance stops spam from clogging your network. The PowerElf server uses several different techniques to help stop spam at its entry point, long before it has a chance to travel to the end user’s mailbox. It can be used to filter mail and forward clean mail to your delegate mail server or can replace your existing mail server.

Company: Greencomputer Innovation


AntiSpam-One Corporate edition
AntiSpam-One Corporate Edition is a rackable appliance which blocks spam and email attacks at the Internet gateway. It works as an SMTP proxy (also called SMTP relay), typically installed on your DMZ next to the corporate mail relay server. The only changes to be made to your existing configuration are the DNS MX Record associated with your email domains in order to route all incoming email traffic through the appliance before being sent to your mail server. The auto-install mode allows you to be up and running in minutes with a standard optimized configuration. Each incoming email goes through a series of different filters to sort out valid emails from spam.

A “spamicity” score which measures its likelihood to be spam is assigned to each email. A spam category (Adult, Hoax, Rumours, Illegal material, Chain letters) is also assigned at the end of the filtering process. Based on this information, different processing can be applied: change the subject, redirect, delete, quarantine, quotas, and trace. Specific processing can be applied to attachments or HTML content, for example, stripping out all active html components (VBS scripts, Java applets…) Through a secure web interface, each user can access a fully comprehensive report and modify their own processing policy within the limits set by the administrator. Users can also view their emails in quarantine and retrieve them if necessary. The appliance supports several authentication mechanisms internally but can also be linked to your central authentication system (LDAP, Active Directory, Radius).

Company: Bizanga


Spam Marshall Spamwall Appliance
Appliances deploy immediately at the network perimeter, with minimal extended investment and virtually no additional administration; you get the fastest return value in the industry. For organizations that prioritize ease of installation and use, the Spam Marshall Appliance is the solution. Spam Marshall Spamwall appliance is a plug-and-play device that fits into your network just like any other network device. It comes preconfigured for your network and all you need to do is plug it in and change your firewall/MX records so your SMTP traffic now passes through this device. This is truly a “ready, set, done” solution. Features include: Optimized/Hardened OS; Remote management features; Remote Installation/Configuration.

Company: ITA Networks, Inc.


Accessio Appliance
Accessio Appliance provides you with MiaVia’s breakthrough spam filtering solution conveniently pre-installed on a rack-mountable server computer that has been factory-tuned to provide secure and optimal Accessio filtering performance. Accessio Appliance requires no per-seat license. In addition, the Appliance is a “closed box” delivering extreme ease of installation and minimal maintenance. It can be managed by the system administrator via a Web browser.

Company: MiaVia, Inc.


Symantec Mail Security Series
Symantec Mail Security Series appliances offer the most accurate email security, powered by industry-leading Brightmail AntiSpam technology from Symantec, the global leader in information security.* Brightmail AntiSpam technology leverages over 20 spam prevention techniques, delivering antispam effectiveness rates of 95% and the industry’s highest accuracy rate against false positives (99.9999%)*. Symantec’s global Brightmail Logistics Operations Centers (BLOC) analyze spam across the globe and provide secure, automatic spam filter updates every 10 minutes to help thwart attacks. Real-time scanning, using award-winning Symantec AntiVirus technologies, protects against email-borne threats, while a mass-mailer cleanup feature automatically removes the emails associated with mass-mailing worms.

Company: Symantec Corporation


Proofpoint Protection Server
Proofpoint’s Protection Server delivers secure, complete message protection in a hardened, easy-to-deploy package. Secures your network against spam, viruses, network level attacks such as buffer overflows, denial of service (DoS) and directory harvesting attacks; Enforces corporate email policy and protects confidential information; Deploys the most comprehensive message protection solution in mere minutes, by simply plugging the appliance into your network; Exceeds the scalability and availability requirements demanded by enterprises. Proofpoint’s MLX Machine Learning technology is unmatched at detecting and filtering spam and can be customized to the environment and lexicon of each customer.

Company: Proofpoint, Inc.


Mirapoint’s RazorGate email security appliance delivers multi-layered protection from spam, virus and hacker attacks. It provides real-time updates to reduce the window of vulnerability resulting in airtight security at the edge of the network. The appliance form factor makes it easy to deploy with minimal ongoing administration.

Company: Mirapoint Inc.


Message Server
The Mirapoint Message Server appliance is a high-performance email server that provides desktop email as well as web and wireless access. It also features integrated technology to block spam, viruses and hacker attacks, plus a portfolio of collaborative services such as group calendaring.

Company: Mirapoint Inc.


Defencity MailSecure
MailSecure provides comprehensive, policy-based email filtering and attachment virus scanning to protect organisations against liability claims, Spam attacks, and the loss of proprietary information. With its new modular scanning technology, MailSecure ensures that only approved attachments and desired content enter or leave the network.

Company: Defencity


Securence deploys a DNA matching of sorts. It is adaptive to the ever-changing spam message environment, capturing all non-text image files and other obfuscation techniques. The network of spam traps along with other ID layers typically block 98% of all inbound spam with zero false positives produced. What’s more, Securence typically strips out 88% of their customers’ total inbound email right off the top. The remaining 12% is clean and virus-free.

Company: US Internet Corp.


AutumnTECH Appliance
AutumnTECH develops innovative anti-spam, anti-virus, unauthorized Internet access filtering, and exploit detection appliances. Their core line of perimeter-facing security appliances protects business assets from all types of malicious activity. AutumnTECH highlights include highly effective spam identification, self-updating virus check and alert engine, malware and phishing sanitiser, sender policy framework support, LDAP user authentication, support for Bayesian self/auto-learning, Greylisting including manual white/black lists, RBL IP/domain name based lookup blocking, Vipul’s razor checksum blocking, SURBL content domain name lookup and blocker, per-user spam quarantine controls, ISP POP3 mailbox downloader and filter, clustering support for high availability, full-featured intrusion detection system (IDS), and expert customer service and support.

Company: AutumnTECH, LLC


Eland SYS-2
The Eland SYS-2 is a network security appliance which offers an integrated and comprehensive solution to protect your network at the perimeter. With its built-in firewall, Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus protection, Web content filtering and Virtual Private Network, it offers you maximum security measures. The Eland SYS-2 is easy to deploy and use. It comes without any per-user or per-connection license restrictions. This translates into an unlimited number of users without any additional cost.

Company: Eland Systems


CanIt Appliance
CanIt and CanIt-PRO antispam software is available pre-configured on a plug-and-play appliance. The appliance is ideal for organizations that use MS Exchange as their mail server, and for businesses that lack IT personnel. The CanIt Appliance resides between the Internet and your mail server, filtering e-mail before it enters your e-mail system. The appliance includes CanIt or CanIt-PRO software and Clam AntiVirus software. The base appliance contains a 2.4GHz Intel Pentium IV with 512MB of RAM. Appliances with faster processors, multiple processors, and more memory are available. In addition, multiple appliances can be clustered to handle very large mail volumes.

Company: Roaring Penguin Software Inc.


espion Interceptor
The espion Interceptor combines best-of-class security design methodologies with adaptive filtering techniques to intercept or sanitize up to 99% of unwanted or potentially dangerous emails. Secure, scalable, platform-independent, and automated—the espion Interceptor is the enterprise solution to secure the email gateway, eliminate spam, and free up I.T. resources. Without per-user license fees or additional hidden costs, you can choose a solution that fits your organization’s actual mail flow, instead of continuously paying for rarely-used accounts …….and the appliance is yours to keep.

The Interceptor installs in just 30 minutes at the edge of a customer’s network and immediately begins filtering spam emails, addressing security threats before they enter an organization’s network. Based on Espion’s proprietary algorithm for adaptive machine learning, espion Bayes, the Interceptor continuously maximizes spam blocking and minimizes false positives with virtually no administration.

Company: espion Intl


trimMail Inbox
Many email servers that worked fine two years ago stagger under today’s spam-and-virus-induced load. trimMail Inbox is a reliable anti-spam and content-filtering appliance for SMTP mail servers designed to solve this problem. It bats away spam and disables most viruses, turning under-performing turkeys back into high-flying eagles. Because it stands alone as an easy-to-use SMTP gateway, trimMail Inbox will not compete inside existing mail servers for CPU, memory or storage space.

And it will not conflict with any software or updating processes embedded in existing email servers. Properly configured, trimMail Inbox also prevents open relaying while shielding downstream anti-virus software and mail servers from Denial of Service attacks. This frees existing email servers so they can serve more mail than ever before, which delays the inconvenience and expense of migrating to new equipment and software. Automatic update and feature upgrade intervals are set by the trimMail Inbox administrator.

Company: dymeta Division of Comco, Inc.


IronMail E-Mail and Spam Filter Appliance by 8e6 Technologies
8e6 Technologies has partnered with CipherTrust to offer the first secure gateway appliance for email, integrating defences against all major email threats into a hardened appliance to provide a total security solution for your email system. It is the only product capable of providing unified email policy enforcement to deal with all types of email threats, including viruses, hackers, worms, intruders, spam, and libellous content and offers secure delivery of email, including webmail. IronMail offers the most comprehensive anti-spam solution available by integrating traditional tools, intelligent analysis technologies and human analysis for anti-spam, content filtering and policy management.

Company: 8e6 Technologies


Tumbleweed’s award-winning Linux-based anti-spam appliance is based on its proprietary IBF technology. IBF technology uses Artificial Intelligence to determine the intent of information rather than relying on ineffective techniques such as blacklists, white lists, signatures, or rules. IBF acts like a human reader, examining each email to see if it meets the criteria for spam, commercial bulk email from valid advertisers, or legitimate messages. It then sends the legitimate email to user mailboxes, along with any commercial email that a user wants to receive. Since IBF does not require constant updating or blacklist subscriptions, it returns high filtration and low false-positive rates. It also has an extremely low total cost of ownership (TCO). The MailGate installs in just 15 minutes on any network and immediately begins filtering email before it reaches the server. Since the MailGate prevents spam from hitting the email servers, this significantly improves server performance and bandwidth.

Company: Tumbleweed Communications Corp.


ePrism Mail Filter
ePrism is a mail filtering appliance that provides organizations with a total spam management solution. ePrism delivers a unique combination of e-mail security, spam protection, anti-virus and content control in a robust high-performance appliance. Designed to be deployed between internal mail servers and the Internet, ePrism supports standard mail protocols and features a complete and robust set of security capabilities specifically designed to protect against the full spectrum of e-mail security threats.

Company: St. Bernard Software


MailFoundry has partnered with Mail-Filters, Inc., Sophos and Sun Microsystems to offer the most reliable and effective security appliance for e-mail. MailFoundry is hardened against all major e-mail security threats and is able to defeat spam and virus attacks in real time. In addition to the built-in protection, MailFoundry also provides e-mail policy rules for dealing with attachments and other email filtering. MailFoundry offers the most comprehensive anti-spam solution available while offering the trust of “zero kills” on legitimate email. With MailFoundry, there is no such thing as “grey mail” and you never have to worry about your important e-mails being accidentally filtered.

Company: Solinus, Inc.