Avatar 3 Release Date, Story, Cast and Everything We Know So Far

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Fans are going to be wondering what’s going to happen next for Pandora given that Avatar 3 is now in production and Avatar: The Way of Water has just been released on Disney+. So, here is everything that we have discovered up to this point.

James Cameron, the film’s director, devoted a number of years to building this universe after Avatar emerged as the highest-grossing movie ever. He has planned a total of four sequels. The first of these has already been released in 2022 and is titled Avatar: The Way of Water.

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The enthusiasm for James Cameron’s Pandora is certainly still going strong after the record-breaking success of Avatar 2, which has led to an all-time high level of excitement for the upcoming movie Avatar 3 as well as all the adventures that will follow it.

Avatar 3 Release Date, Movie Title, & Cast: An Overview

avatar 3 release date, cast, story

Movie Avatar 3
Proposed Title Avatar: The Seed Bearer
Avatar 3 Release Date December 20, 2024
Director James Cameron
Media Rights Disney

Disney has scheduled the release of Avatar 3 to be 2 years from the theatrical release of Avatar: The Way of Water, which will take place on December 20, 2024. Assuming that there are no modifications to the release schedule, James Cameron will direct the threequel, and it will be preceded by Avatar 4 in December 2026 and then Avatar 5 in December 2028.

The major portion of Avatar 3 was previously shot concurrently with Avatar: The Way of Water when production first began. Despite this, the third sequel isn’t fully finished yet. Recently, one of the actors, Zoe Saldaña, stated that they are “70%” done with the film and that they will be “going back this summer to wrap it up” in order to have it ready for distribution in 2024.

Saldaña’s statements run counter to prior statements made by James Cameron, who stated that Avatar 3 was “all shot,” and producer Jon Landau, who stated they have shot “95%” of the movie, which is a significantly greater percentage than the actress’s estimation.

It is anticipated that shooting for Avatar 3 will continue well into the year 2024. Avatar 3 star Sigourney Weaver has announced that she will return to the set in January to “do some pickups,” saying that there probably won’t be “complete new scenes to be filmed” but instead just revisiting “a bunch of sequences.”

Who Will be included in the Avatar 3 Cast?

Fans are already aware of 23 actors and characters who will feature in the threequel to Avatar, despite the fact that it won’t be released for well over a year. Alongside debuts like David Thewlis & Michelle Yeoh, the cast is expected to feature the franchise favourites in Avatar 3.

You may find the whole list of Avatar 3’s cast members down below:

  • Jake Sully – Sam Worthington
  • Neytiri – Zoe Saldaña
  • Kiri – Sigourney Weaver
  • Miles Quaritch – Colonel Stephen Lang
  • Lo’ak – Britain Dalton
  • Miles ‘Spider’ Quaritch – Jack Champion
  • Tuktirey – Trinity Jo-Li Bliss
  • Tsireya – Bailey Bass
  • Ao’nung – Filip Geljo
  • Ronal – Kate Winslet
  • Tonowari – Cliff Curtis
  • Varang – Oona Chaplin
  • David Thewlis – ???
  • Dr Karina Mogue – Michelle Yeoh
  • Joel David Moore – Norm
  • Parker Selfridge – Giovanni Ribisi
  • Mo’at – CCH Pounder
  • General Frances Ardmore – Edie Falco
  • Captain Mick Scoresby – Brendan Cowell
  • Dr Ian Garvin – Jemaine Clement
  • Dr Max Patel – Dileep Rao
  • Corporal Lyle Wainfleet – Matt Gerald
  • Payakan

Avatar 3 Plot: What’s the storyline?

James Cameron previously disclosed that the upcoming film, Avatar 3, will delve into the element of fire and focus on an entirely new race of Na’vi from the planet Pandora known as the “Ash People.”

Cameron also mentioned how Avatar 3 will “do the opposite” of the previous two films, which included “very uplifting Na’vi examples” and “very destructive human examples.” He did this while providing a cryptic tease about the plot of the film. It would appear that fans will finally come face to face with some of the more sinister Na’vi while also being exposed to a more positive aspect of mankind than normal.

The director has promised that the third instalment will both carry on with the investigation of the original protagonists and plunge headfirst into new worlds and locations on Pandora.

Concerning the enemy of the threequel, Cameron has already stated that Avatar 3 will include a “new monster… from Pandora.” He also gives the impression that the antagonist will present a more personal danger than the “faceless, military machine” that was investigated in the first two films in the series.

What Will They Call the Third Avatar Movie?

Back in 2018, BBC News exclusively disclosed the titles for all four of the Avatar sequels that James Cameron was planning to make. This was more than four years prior to Avatar 2 would even find its way into theatres under the title of The Way of Water.

According to the source, the title of Avatar 3 will be Avatar: The Seed Bearer and it will be followed by two more sequels with the titles Avatar: The Tulkun Rider and Avatar: The Quest for Eywa. However, while it turned out that The Way of Water would be the correct title for Avatar 2, the rest of the details may not be as clear as they once looked to be.

Cameron advised caution on the titles in a February 2019 interview with Entertainment Tonight, claiming the names that were leaked are “in consideration” but “no definitive choices have been made:”

In an interview with io9 that took place in December 2022, Jon Landau contributed to the conversation by confirming that they have “decided on the titles.” However, he appeared to put doubt on the truth of The Seed Bearer & the other rumoured titles:

We have made a decision regarding titles, but I would not go by the remaining three choices that were available. You should know that if you throw the dice six times, one of those times will be the correct number.

Therefore, as of right now, neither Disney nor James Cameron have provided Avatar 3 with an official title. The moniker “The Seed Bearer” has been talked about as a possibility, but it is by no means a confirmed one.

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