Blooket Spam Bots (Flooder) – A Persistent Challenge for Online Learning Platforms

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Online learning platforms have revolutionized education, allowing students to engage with educational content from anywhere in the world. Blooket is one such popular platform that offers interactive and gamified learning experiences. However, as with any online platform, Blooket has faced its fair share of challenges, one of the most persistent being bot spam. In this article, we delve into the phenomenon of Blooket bot spam and explore the measures being taken to combat this issue.

Understanding Blooket Spam Bots in 2023

Blooket spam refers to the use of automated programs, commonly known as bots, to flood Blooket games with fake player accounts. These bots can rapidly join games, answer questions, and accrue points, disrupting the gameplay and distorting the fair competition between genuine players. The motivations behind bot spam can vary, ranging from mischievous pranks to attempts at manipulating game outcomes for personal gain.

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Impact on the Blooket Community

The prevalence of bot spam in Blooket games can have several negative consequences. Firstly, it undermines the integrity of the platform, eroding the trust and enjoyment of legitimate users.

The presence of bots can also skew game statistics and rankings, making it difficult for teachers and students to gauge their progress accurately. Additionally, bot spam can strain the platform’s servers, leading to slower game loading times and potential crashes, further hampering the user experience.

Blooket Spam Bots 2023 List (Working)

We have found some methods for hacking Blooket, but it’s important to note that using these methods is against the game’s rules and could result in a ban. They’re being shared here purely for educational purposes. The two primary methods I found are:

Using GitHub scripts on the Console:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Search “blooket-hack” in the search bar.
  3. Find the public repositories containing scripts for Blooket.
  4. Choose a script that suits your needs (e.g., Add Tokens & XP script).
  5. Copy the whole code to your clipboard by clicking on the “Raw” button.
  6. Open up another tab in your browser and head over to
  7. Hit “Join a Game” and enter your game ID.
  8. Right-click anywhere on the screen and select the “Inspect” element. If you have a Windows device, you can also hold “Ctrl+Shift+C” to open it directly, and if you’re a macOS user, just press “Command+Option+C”.
  9. Select “Console”, paste the GitHub code inside the white box, and hit “Enter”.

Using Blooket bots:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on the “Get Started” button.
  3. Choose Blooket from the list of games they support.
  4. You’ll be able to access the Flood Bots option. However, the page will ask you for a “Room code”.
  5. Find your “Room Code” on your Blooket profile page or use your game ID.
  6. Enter a name for your bot and select how many you want to activate in your session.
  7. Hit “Enter”, and after a few seconds, your bots will start providing answers.

Again, please note that using these hacks is against the game’s rules and is not encouraged.

Battling Blooket Spam Bots: What’re the possible measures?

blooket spam bot

Recognizing the gravity of the issue, the Blooket development team has been actively working to combat bot spam and enhance the platform’s security measures. Here are some of the strategies implemented:

  1. Improved Captcha: Blooket has strengthened its captcha system to prevent automated bots from easily circumventing it. Captcha challenges now require users to complete more complex tasks that are difficult for automated bots to solve, ensuring that only human players can participate.
  2. Machine Learning Algorithms: Blooket employs machine learning algorithms that continuously analyze user behaviour patterns to identify and flag suspicious accounts. These algorithms can detect abnormal activity, such as rapid answering speeds or repetitive actions, enabling the system to take appropriate action against potential bots.
  3. User Reporting: Blooket encourages its community members to report suspected bot accounts promptly. By reporting suspicious activities, users play an active role in helping the platform identify and take action against bot spammers effectively.
  4. Account Verification: Blooket is exploring the possibility of introducing account verification processes, such as email or phone number verification, to further deter bot spam. This additional layer of security would ensure that users are genuine and discourage the creation of multiple bot accounts.
  5. Continuous Updates: The Blooket development team regularly releases updates and patches to address vulnerabilities and strengthen the platform’s defences against bot spam. This proactive approach ensures that the platform remains resilient and adaptable in the face of evolving spamming techniques.

Booklet Spammmer/Flooder: The Way Forward

While the battle against Blooket bot spam continues, it is essential to recognize that no system is entirely immune to such challenges. However, Blooket’s commitment to addressing this issue through robust security measures demonstrates its dedication to maintaining a fair and enjoyable learning environment.

As users, it is crucial to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity promptly. By working together, the Blooket community can help identify and eliminate bot spam effectively, fostering an inclusive and authentic learning experience for all.


Blooket spam bots pose a significant challenge to the integrity and user experience of the platform. However, with the implementation of advanced security measures, Blooket is actively combatting this issue. By leveraging improved captchas, machine learning algorithms, user reporting, account verification, and continuous updates, Blooket aims to maintain a fair and secure learning environment.

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