Managed/Hosted Anti-Spam Services

Such services use solutions that are installed and hosted on the anti-spam vendor’s network. Your incoming emails are filtered by the vendor before reaching your own network. Requires you to change your MX record to point to the vendor’s network. Corporate privacy issues should be taken into account while considering such services.

Remote Anti Spam
Our remote anti-spam service is a hosted, managed solution which brings enterprise anti-spam filtering to small and medium-sized businesses which were not previously able to afford adequate anti-spam filtering. The service works by filtering spam, malware and viruses from your messages before they reach your network. This approach frees up your internet bandwidth and prevents internet and email-borne threats from reaching your network, your servers, desktops, or inboxes. Visit us today to start your 14-day free trial.

Company: 24×7 Exchange


easy@ antispam
easy@ antispam is a managed antispam service geared towards service providers and companies who have their own dedicated mail servers. Flat rate pricing per mail server means no more paying per mailbox!

Company: Interjuncture Corp.


MXSweep Email Security
MXSweep is a new hosted anti-spam solution, aimed to compete with email software solutions, pricing is very competitive. Powered By MailFrontier provides 98% spam efficiency. Customers can benefit from a 60-day free trial.

Company: MXSweep Ltd


Securence deploys a DNA matching of sorts. It is adaptive to the ever-changing spam message environment, capturing all non-text image files and other obfuscation techniques. The network of spam traps along with other ID layers typically block 98% of all inbound spam with zero false positives produced. What’s more, Securence typically strips out 88% of their customers’ total inbound email right off the top. The remaining 12% is clean and virus-free.

Company: US Internet Corp.


Symantec Hosted Mail Security
Symantec Hosted Mail Security features industry-leading Brightmail AntiSpam and Symantec AntiVirus technologies and is supported by Brightmail Logistics and Operations Centers (BLOC) and Symantec’s global, 24/7 response organizations. Multi-layered spam protection combines over 20 different filtering technologies to deliver a 95% antispam effectiveness rate and the industry’s best accuracy rate (99.9999%) against false positives. High accuracy allows customers to safely delete spam without review, eliminating the need to double-check quarantines for false positives.

Company: Symantec Corporation


Accessio Hosted Service
If you are a small business or other lower-volume users who operates your own email servers, you can use MiaVia’s central Accessio server to obtain spam decisions over the Internet. The filtering decisions use the same technology embodied in MiaVia’s other Accessio solutions but the spam detection algorithms and the SpamPrint database reside on MiaVia’s network rather than yours. With this alternative, a copy of each incoming email message is sent to MiaVia for automated scanning, and a real-time spam determination is then sent back to the local email server. At that point rules residing on the email server and/or at the client level may be invoked to determine how to handle messages depending on each Accession spam evaluation.

Company: MiaVia, Inc.


CleanMessage is a managed service provider. Using our anti-spam filters and online virus scanning, we help keep your email secure, block malicious code, and free up your employee’s inboxes. We safely remove up to 98% of incoming spam so that it never reaches your inbox. Our SpamCheck Module is a triple-edged sword, protecting you against corporate productivity loss, infrastructure consumption, and liability resulting from unsolicited commercial email. We analyze each and every email during processing to identify spam before it’s delivered to you. Regular updates to our analysis tools provide continuous and up-to-date protection as older methods are improved and new techniques are identified. Unsolicited email is identified and quarantined using the following advanced security techniques: Pattern Matching, Spam Definitions, Heuristic Analysis, RBL and Whitelists.

Company: CleanMessage


Mailprotector isn’t just a spam filter, but a complete Email Security Suite designed to protect your valuable email traffic from attacks, vulnerabilities, viruses, spam and downtime. With Mailprotector you’re not just getting another application, but a complete team of email security professionals working around the clock to keep your email safe. Since Mailprotector is an actively managed service, you don’t have the hassles of dealing with patches, updates, upgrades or maintenance. And Mailprotector is compatible with Exchange 5.5, Exchange 2000, Exchange 2003, Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, Novell Groupwise, Imail, Sendmail or any other SMTP-compliant email server.

Company: VirtualConnect Technologies, Inc.


Email Protection Agency
The email filtering service operates by scanning inbound and outbound email, ensuring that unwanted and potentially damaging content is blocked before it reaches the customer’s network. Once a customer subscribes to the service, all their Internet email is routed through email relays housed in secure data centres. Unwanted emails are removed allowing only legitimate emails through to the customer. Emails that enter the email filtering system are scanned in a logical manner in accordance with the policy for the customer. This policy can be modified by customers’ administrators. The SPAM filtering module currently filters over 98% of all spam with a false positive rate of approximately only 1:20,000. Emails that are classified as SPAM are automatically quarantined and kept on the system for 28 days. During this 28-day window, the administrator(s) can log in to the online portal where the SPAM emails can be previewed and released if required.

Company: Email Protection Agency Ltd


MX Logic
MX Logic, Inc. provides innovative email defence solutions that ensure email protection and security for businesses, service providers, government organizations, resellers and their customers. Deployed as a managed service or on-premise software, the company’s feature-rich solution suite is the industry’s most comprehensive, flexible and easy to use. Unlike most managed services, MX Logic utilizes a proxy-based filtering method. The proxy-based managed email security acts as a conduit between the sender of the email and its recipient—an in-stream connection that filters the email in real time, while it passes through between sender and recipient. The advantage of the proxy-based method over the store-and-forward method is that mail is not stored on disk and there is no intermediate point of vulnerability to introduce additional risk of delivering email.

Company: MX Logic, Inc.


By making a simple change to your company’s domain MX record, we direct all e-mails for your company through our filtering engines first. Our spam and junk mail filtering engines analyze every e-mail that comes through and compares them to characteristics of typical spam email messages which are stored in an evolving database. Any messages appearing to contain spam, junk email or viruses are quarantined on our servers and do not reach your employees. When convenient, your employees then may log into our website and quickly scan through these quarantined spam messages. Any legitimate emails can easily be delivered safely and the sender may be put on a “white list” so that future messages are not flagged as spam and automatically pass through the spam filter. Supports all major email clients and servers including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Entourage, Eudora Mail, Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, Incredimail, and many others…

Company: ClearMX


SpamMX works by simply pointing your domain’s DNS Mail (MX) Record to our systems, we then filter the mail and send it back to your web host’s or company’s mail server. It is 100% compatible with all hosting companies and mail servers.

Company: Interkey, Inc.


White Mail
Designed to use a unique combination of filtering mechanisms White Mail does not rely on static rules that are stale and ineffective. But instead uses innovative mechanisms to trap and trace incoming spam and viruses. White Mail is a complete email filtering solution. Designed in the ASP format, White Mail catches and stops unsolicited email before it ever reaches your network. Unwanted emails can be archived to a folder for later perusal, forwarded to a Postmaster email address or simply deleted.

Company: Hivercon Ltd.


Postini Perimeter Manager
Postini Perimeter Manager is a hosted E-mail system security service that protects your company from E-mail-borne threats–before they hit your network. Postini’s services filter out spam and viruses, protect your E-mail system from a wide range of attacks, and provide your IT organization with tools to secure E-mail connections and regulate E-mail delivery. Unlike other solutions that filter email at the desktop, server or gateway, Perimeter Manager is positioned between the Internet and your corporate network, creating a secure wall around your email system that extends to the email entry point — the Internet. All incoming email is routed through Postini’s secure data centers and scanned by our sophisticated heuristic-rules engine, which analyzes every part of an email message — from the IP address of the sender to the message content.

Company: Postini, Inc.


MailWise Filter
MailWise provides the E-Mail filtering services an organization needs, without anything to install, service, or upgrade on your end. The service allows E-Mail for your organization to be ‘filtered’ for SPAM, Viruses, and unwanted Content. Additionally, each filter can be custom tailored to meet your organization’s individual needs. MailWise is compatible with GroupWise, Exchange, Notes, and all other SMTP-compatible E-Mail systems.

Company: MailWise, LLC.


Managed services freeing up internal IT resources and increasing productivity -Requires no additional hardware or software from the customer -Reduction in email volumes by dramatically reducing spam and thus demand on your Internet bandwidth and email infrastructure -No need to worry about viruses or downloading signatures – even at the time of a virus outbreak -Ensures accurate detection of pornography, offering protection against legal-action, employee downtime and loss of hard-earned brand equity -Protects against loss of intellectual property, disclosure of confidential information, defamation of company name, abuse of mail and protection from potential legal action -End-to-end email security system -InSight, MessageLab’s web-based management interface providing configuration tools, service statistics and reports.

Company: MessageLabs Ltd.