Server-Based Anti-Spam Software Listings

This section contains a list of anti-spam software for servers that are installed either on the mail server itself or in front of the mail server. Therefore gateway-based anti-spam solutions are also included here.

Such solutions normally perform spam identification and filtering before legitimate emails are distributed to the intended recipients throughout the network thus reducing the impact that spam has on end-user productivity and on network resources. Because of the server-based approach, anti-spam and general email content policies are easily enforceable throughout the network, but usually at the expense of flexibility for individual users.

Some solutions allow users to review mail on the server which has been flagged as spam and give them the opportunity to notify the network administrator of any false positives. The network administrator can then fine-tune the software for improved accuracy.

Many of the solutions listed here are comprised of various modules that address issues such as email anti-virus protection, anti-trojan protection and enforcement of outbound email corporate policies, providing enhanced value for those that require an all-in-one solution.

GFI Anti Spam Filter
Server-based anti-spam, anti-phishing & email management solution for Exchange & SMTP servers with over 80,000 SMB customers and counting. Benefit from advanced spam detection technology capturing 98% of spam and phishing emails, whilst minimizing false positives. Also adds disclaimers, mail archiving/reporting, auto-replies, POP3 downloading and more!

Company: GFI Software Ltd
Brochure: click here


M-Switch Anti-Spam
M-Switch Anti-Spam intercepts inbound SMTP messages at the boundary of an enterprise. Messages are opened, examined and if determined not to be spam, delivered to the correct server within the enterprise. M-Switch Anti-Spam uses multiple methods to determine if an incoming message is spam, methods that are key to its high accuracy and low rate of false positives. Available on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SuSE Linux, Solaris, Windows and HP-UX.

Company: Isode


Astaro Security Gateway
Astaro’s Spam Protection application detects and blocks unsolicited emails. It uses multiple detection methods to pinpoint spam types while minimizing “false positives”. It performs a series of tests and assigns a “spam score” to each message indicating the probability that the message is unsolicited. Messages whose score exceeds thresholds set by the administrator are dropped, returned to the sender, passed to the recipient with a warning, or quarantined.

Company: Astaro


Hexamail Guard
Hexamail Guard ensures SPAM is filtered at the server level with no need to install and update anti-spam software on each desktop. With unrivalled ease of installation and management, it provides the most comprehensive set of features of any server-based email gateway software. Hexamail offers complete protection by using sophisticated Bayesian analysis that learns from your email traffic, automatic whitelisting and neural-network-based email address analysis. SPAM, virus, phishing and other malicious content are eliminated from your email.

Company: Hexamail Ltd.
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Symantec AntiSpam for SMTP
Symantec Mail Security for SMTP provides high-performance, integrated mail protection against virus threats, spam, and other unwanted content at the earliest point of network entry, the Internet email (SMTP) gateway. Symantec’s extensible NAVEXTM antivirus technology defends against new and known viruses, while attachment and subject line blocking features provide hour-zero responses against emerging threats. In addition, a Mass-Mailer Cleanup feature eliminates worm-infected messages. With integrated LiveUpdate functionality, virus definitions can be deployed across the enterprise without stopping scan services or incurring server downtime.

Company: Symantec Corporation


Accessio Server
Accessio Server provides you with the full installation of MiaVia’s spam filtering solution running entirely on your own network. Accessio Server runs on the Linux operating system and is accompanied by a MySQL database. Accessio software and its accompanying SpamPrint database are positioned along the user’s email delivery path, typically between the user’s gateway and the MTA, and preferably on a dedicated server computer. Accessio scans the content of each incoming message to measure the content similarity between incoming messages and specific known spam samples. When a new message receives a sufficiently high score to be considered a match to a known spam message the message may be quarantined or deleted by the email server or client in response to Accessio’s evaluation.

Company: MiaVia, Inc.


MailSite MP (Message Protector) Email Gateway Software
MailSite MP (Message Protector) Email Gateway Software provides easy-to-use gateway email protection for Microsoft Exchange or any SMTP email server, including anti-virus, anti-spam, and a uniquely flexible rules-based content filtering and email policy enforcement system. MailSite MP provides real-time anti-virus and anti-spam protection, automatically blocks denial of service attacks, and enables the enforcement of custom corporate email policies using a powerful rules-based filtering system. Anti-spam features include: Scan all incoming and outgoing messages; Heuristic analysis, Pattern matching, Spam definitions; White lists & Black lists; Enable at Server and Domain levels.

Company: Rockliffe Systems, Inc.


SpamSentinel for Domino Server
SpamSentinel stops Spam at your Domino SMTP gateway or at any Domino server. It automatically checks all of your mail messages against a list of known Spam. It then moves the spam to a Quarantine Database. It works with multiple files, such as,,, etc. Compatible with any virus protection software, such as GroupShield. Almost no false positives because of our technology of listing all known spam signatures in a database just like virus signatures are stored. In addition to our database of 100+ million known spam signatures, you can also blacklist any user or domain that you choose. If there is a domain or user that you always want to get through, you can use our one-button whitelist option. SpamSentinel comes with a reporting tool to let each person know what spam was caught. It sends a daily summary of caught messages to each user.

Company: MayFlower Software, Inc.


Kaspersky Anti-Spam Enterprise Edition
Kaspersky Anti-Spam is compatible with all mail systems, making it easy to integrate the solution into existing network configurations regardless of the operating system. The solution is flexible enough to be used either as a separate filter or a full-scale enterprise mail server supporting Sendmail, qmail, ComminGate Pro, Postfix or Exim. Kaspersky Anti-Spam detects spam in incoming mail transmitted by SMTP and filters it out before mail is forwarded to the recipient. The solution analyses and filters incoming mail in a variety of ways, checking both the mail body and attachments. A built-in administration module based on a web interface allows administrators to modify program settings from any node in the network e.g. change parameters for automatic spam database updates or add new signatures directly to the database. One of the core elements of the solution is a linguistic database containing spam signatures. Updates to the database are released every two hours. Upgrades to Kaspersky Anti-Spam include upgraded versions of the linguistic kernel.

Company: Kaspersky Labs


Symantec Mail Security for Domino
Symantec Mail Security for Domino provides high-performance, integrated mail protection against virus threats, spam, and other unwanted content for Domino servers. With award-winning virus protection, multi-layered spam prevention, and flexible content filtering, it provides comprehensive mail security with minimal administrative overhead. Virus protection defends against new and known viruses using Symantec’s extensible NAVEX antivirus technology. Attachment and subject line blocking capabilities enhance protection by providing hour-zero responses against emerging threats, and a new Mass-Mailer Cleanup feature eliminates worm-infected messages. Multi-layered spam prevention combines enhanced antispam heuristics, custom filtering rules, and multiple whitelisting techniques to maximize detections and minimize false positives. Other unwanted content can also be controlled using flexible, rules-based filtering based on message characteristics such as subject line, attachment, maximum message size, and words and phrases in body text.

Company: Symantec Corporation


TFS Secure Messaging-Server
TFS Secure Messaging-Server is the most advanced server-based e-mail security and management solution for MS Exchange, Lotus Notes and Novell Groupwise as well as other SMTP-based e-mail systems, on the market today. Designed as an integral add-on for LAN based E-Mail systems, TFS Secure Messaging-Server, is transparent to the end user, policy-based and provides comprehensive encryption security, content filtering, anti-spam, gateway connectivity, and anti-virus solution for an organization’s e-mail system. Leveraging the strength of its versatility, support for both e-mail encryption standards (S/MIME & OpenPGP), support for multiple anti-virus solutions and overall comprehensiveness, TFS Secure Messaging-Server is the necessary enhancement to corporate e-mail systems essential for every company’s eBusiness strategy.

Company: TenFour


Declude JunkMail
An inexpensive anti-spam product that will automatically catch most of the spam sent to your mail server, while making false positives nearly non-existent. Declude JunkMail has a lot of spam tests already defined (about 60), plus you can add your own tests (including any of the public spam databases, even if they are not included in the default Declude JunkMail configuration). It also gives you a lot of control in handling spam. It doesn’t force you to delete the E-mails. And, the actions are configurable per test, so you aren’t forced to handle the extreme tests the same way as the less restrictive tests. To eliminate false positives Declude JunkMail also supports the Habeas Headers, which can be used to ensure delivery of E-mail from many individuals, ISPs, and legitimate businesses (even if they are sent from mail servers that have spam problems). It also supports Bonded Sender, which will ensure delivery of E-mail from companies willing to pay if they send E-mail that recipients consider to be spam. With these two options, the E-mail will arrive no matter what spam tests the E-mail fails, even if it is caught by the Declude JunkMail weighting system.

Company: Computerized Horizons LLC.


Alligate is a locally installed, Microsoft Windows-based SMTP gateway product that eliminates spam before it gets to your mail server. It works with any SMTP mail server and requires no modifications on the server, or on end-user machines. It is easy to install and requires very little maintenance. In fact, it was designed with a particular emphasis on freeing the administrator from most of the normal tasks involved with spam prevention. Plus, we guarantee that it will eliminate over 98% of unsolicited emails. Supports Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and all other standard SMTP/POP3 mail servers.

Company: Solid Oak Software, Inc.


While Imail has some effective anti-spam, anti-relaying, and mail filtering features, it does not use’s MAPS databases. The primary objective of IMGate is to complement Imail’s strengths by adding full support for’s databases of Black-Holes, Dial-Up Lines, and Open-Relays. Optional features of IMGate provide for off-loading much SMTP traffic from Imail, freeing Imail from the ‘back-end mail-hub plumbing’ so Imail can concentrate on the interactive user services POP3, SMTP AUTHentification, and Web Messaging. IMGate is a free product, based on Intel PC hardware and open-source software.

Company: Len Conrad


JSpamFilter is a server-side spam email filter for SMTP mail servers. Based on Java, it is platform-independent, requiring only a current JRE, and is inserted into the mail flow prior to your mail server. It performs both source and content checks on incoming emails before that mail gets to your mail server. In general, you’ll set your existing mail server to listen on port 26, then set up JSpamFilter to run on port 25. Unlike spam-filtering services, with JSpamFilter, you maintain full control of your mail flow. No DNS MX-record changes are needed. It uses several technologies and methodologies to identify spam email messages and provides flexible options for the resulting handling and sorting of these messages. JSpamFilter is fully user-adjustable; all parameters controlling the behaviour of JSpamFilter, from the sensitivity of its analysis of email to the strength of its response, can be completely customized.

Company: Modest Software


MailFender for Exchange Server
Protects your Exchange 2000 or 2003 Server from spam and virus-infected messages. It also provides you with a rule set for defining your email policy within your organization. The rule set provided by MailFender lets you add legal and commercial disclaimers, remove attachments from messages, detect messages containing inappropriate language, detect and clean viruses, and quarantine or reject spam. It works with Exchange Server 2000, Exchange Server 2003 and the standard SMTP server, supplied with Windows Server operating systems. The virus engine is optionally powered by either Sophos or Kaspersky.

Company: Softalk Ltd


MIMEShield is the premier Lotus Domino-based enterprise anti-spam software specifically designed to drastically reduce the amount of objectionable and destructive e-mail entering your organization. MIMEShield uses many functions of analysis to analyze the validity of an e-mail message while determining which messages should be routed. Coupled with our unique Fingerprinting mechanism, and its system learning features, MIMEShield will rid your organization of spam, and deter the most common detrimental results of spam, including lost productivity time, increased storage requirements, maintenance costs, and possible lawsuits.

Company: GessWorks, Inc.


iQ.Suite 3.5 offers securiQ.Wall with comprehensive anti-spam filtering functions based on intelligent analysis criteria that leave no chance for spammers. securiQ.Wall is bullet-proof protection from spam with near false-positive elimination. It features an arsenal of anti-spam tools including content filtering in the header, subject, body and attachment; sender/recipient analysis; black/white lists; and quarantine. Highly efficient anti-virus protection with securiQ.Watchdog and automatic text integration with securiQ.Trailer covers all your e-mail security needs. As with all GROUP products, iQ.Suite 3.5 is rules-based to meet your specific business requirements and continues to provide centralized and easy-to-manage administration in distributed multi-server environments. IQ.Suite 3.5 is available for Exchange, SMTP and ISA servers.

Company: GROUP Technologies


Spam Smacker
Flexible, rules-based technology – Pro Exchange’s SPAM Smacker leverages several different technologies to evaluate, identify, filter and monitor incoming junk mail, systematically checking the message with 5 preset levels of tests to determine the probability that a particular message is a spam. Pro Exchange SPAM Smacker was tested to provide 92-97% spam capture rates with extremely low false positives. The ability to white list domains and to use the AD to identify mailbox exceptions helps stop false positives common with other solutions. Pro Exchange SPAM Smacker comes with filters collected from months of research and development. You can continue to add filters via a simple Web-based management console. In addition, Pro Exchange publishes filter updates to help you increase the chances of catching SPAM before it gets to the Exchange environment.

Company: Pro Exchange


Norman Spam Control
With fraudulent, inappropriate and offensive emails being delivered in vast quantities to businesses every day, a spam filter is a vital component of any network’s security strategy. Spam mail wastes user’s time and network resources, and can pose security risks. Norman Spam Control offers spam filtering at the server level and eliminates the need to install and update anti-spam software on each desktop. Norman Spam Control includes various simple yet effective methods to virtually eliminate Server-based anti-spam, disclaimers, archiving and more, for Exchange/SMTPspam email from your network. In addition to spam filtering, Norman Spam Control adds key email tools to the mail server: Disclaimers, mail archiving and monitoring, Internet mail reporting, server-based auto replies and POP3 downloading. Norman Spam Control installs on the Exchange Server 2000 or 2003 machines and integrates seamlessly. No extra configuration is required. Norman Spam Control also supports Exchange 5.5, Lotus Notes, and SMTP mail servers.

Company: Norman ASA


Spam Marshall SpamWall
Spam Marshall provides the best solution against Spam, Phishing and Email borne viruses. Utilizing a multi-pronged approach to detecting spam emails, it effectively filters spam emails without interrupting your normal emails. By utilizing a combination of well-known effective filtering methods along with our own proprietary patent-pending Custom Rule Engine (CuRE ) technology. Spam Marshall also assures that you will never lose a good email through our comprehensive system of email archiving and easy single-click restore option. The easy and flexible deployment option allows you to decide if you want to install Spam Marshall on your existing mail server or install it as a Gateway Firewall for all your SMTP mail server traffic. Compatible with virtually all SMTP servers.

Company: ITA Networks, Inc.


Tumbleweed Email Firewall
The Tumbleweed Email Firewall is an integrated solution to protect your company against a wide range of incoming email threats, including everything from junk email that aggravates employees and steals their time to viruses that can take down your network. It also lets you enforce corporate policies on outgoing email to safeguard proprietary information and comply with industry and government regulations. As organizations demand a solution, the dilemma for IT managers has become how to curtail this tide of bogus emails without blocking the flow of mission-critical communications.

Developed to provide industrial-strength network protection for corporations with over 200 mailboxes, Tumbleweed’s powerful technology is the enterprise standard for anti-spam. Tumbleweed’s Email Firewall – the leading perimeter-based anti-spam solution for enterprises – is the only email security software with advanced anti-spam tuning capabilities and a proactive Dynamic Anti-Spam updating service (providing over 500 new rules each day from the Message Protection Lab) that prevents legitimate messages from being erroneously classified as spam. Supports seamless integration into any mail environment including Exchange, Notes, Netscape, Sendmail, and Postfix.

Company: Tumbleweed Communications Corp.


Ruckus MailFILTER
Ruckus MailFILTER is a thorough and effective enterprise-class email filtering application that will accurately identify and weed out email spam, and – just as importantly – not block valid email. Ruckus MailFILTER eliminates the day-to-day burden on employees to sort through the ever-growing mountain of spam and reduces liability for employee harassment from adult-content spam on the corporate system. Filtering accuracy is accomplished through the state-of-the-art Smart Bayesian A.I. as well as proven anti-spam techniques to analyze email messages and identify spam. Ruckus MailFILTER is installed to reside at the email server’s Internet gateway and works effectively for any email system – from small office servers to ISP systems.

There is no software to install on end-user computers, as each user’s access to Ruckus MailFILTER is a web-based interface using their Internet browser. The entire Ruckus MailFILTER system can be customized by IT-staff modification of the appropriate configuration files – during installation or at any time during system operation. In addition, Ruckus MailFILTER can be installed to interface with any third-party application (i.e. – anti-virus, security, etc.) as part of the normal email filtering and analysis process.

Company: FPSN.NET Development


Vorras Classifier
Vorras Classifier is a server-side email anti-spam tool that relies on machine learning technology to distinguish between spam and legitimate email messages. Decisions on incoming emails are based on a database residing on the email server that is updated on a regular basis. Email that is classified as spam is not deleted at the server; special headers are introduced instead, which can be used by any email client to store it in a separate “junk” folder or delete it depending on the user’s preferences.

Company: Vorras Corporation


MailBoss scans all incoming, outgoing and internal messages, and disassembles even the most complex attachments. It finds viruses, unapproved file types and undesirable content. It checks compliance of all e-mail traffic with the Information Security Policy. Filtering is performed on headers, body, MIME attachments, etc. Based on the results of the analysis, e-mail can be delivered, delayed, quarantined, and archived. If desired, an e-mail administrator or other authorized person can be notified automatically. The intelligent content-filtering engine is the unique feature of MailBoss. It can utilize the most complex and sophisticated rules and policies.

Automatic pattern-matching technology used in most other e-mail filters leads to a significant number of false alarms, and at the same time, can lead to the loss of over 30 per cent of important messages, just because of the presence of a “forbidden” word. It makes competitors’ systems very unreliable. Unlike other content-filtering solutions, MailBoss uses an Intelligent Categorization Module. It uses full-text analysis algorithms, which take into account not just the words alone, but the whole context. Using already stored data, it makes much more intelligent decisions, thus increasing the reliability of the filters, and significantly reducing risks of loss of valuable information.

Company: Jet Info Systems International, Inc.


GWGuardian+ AV
By using a multi-layered GroupWise anti-spam defence with advanced POP/IMAP and SMTP security options, GWGuardian is a complete GroupWise mail firewall that prevents unauthorized use of GWIA, blocks scan attacks, and enforces authentication of users sending an email. GWGuardian also blocks messages based on real-time blacklists (RBL), limits the number of simultaneous connections, and rejects connections from specified addresses or IPs. GWGuardian is compatible with any mail server, including Novell GroupWise 5.5-6.x.

The gateway is deployed safely behind your corporate firewall through a single connection, effectively enhancing your server’s security. Furthermore, GWGuardian provides gateway intelligence that features unique user-aware pre-authentication to prevent Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and caches authenticated users for optimal performance. Once a message is received by GWGuardian, it connects to the mail server to verify if the user exists: if not, the message is rejected.

Company: Messaging Architects


XWall for Microsoft Exchange
A firewall to protect your Exchange Server from viruses, spam mail and dangerous attachments. XWall scans your incoming and outgoing messages for viruses and blocks attachments so that your users do not fill the Exchange Server with unnecessary or dangerous files. XWall blocks spam mail by checking incoming messages against MAPS and XWall keeps a copy of every incoming and outgoing message so that you can track each message.

Company: DataEnter


mxORB is an add-on for the Microsoft Windows/Exchange 2000 SMTP service that blocks unsolicited commercial email (also known as spam) before it reaches your users. Features include Whitelist, Blacklist, Connects to four up-to-date Internet-based blacklists to ensure the majority of unwanted messages are blocked, Statistics gathering and debug logging to assist in monitoring and troubleshooting, a Graphical configuration tool for customising settings and more.

Company: customer magnetism


ModusGate is the perfect Modus-powered solution for organizations that already have an email infrastructure and do not want to modify any of it. Since it is a completely autonomous gateway, ModusGate installs in front of ANY email server on ANY network type. It doesn’t need any special configuration or modifications in the other products you have already installed. ModusGate3 can be deployed in front or behind your corporate firewall, according to your security preferences. It has the ability to scan e-mail from any source (incoming, outgoing) and to let through email from specified trusted sources in the meantime. As the third generation of Vircom gateway solutions, ModusGate3 offers ultimate performance and reliability. It takes the concept of user delegation a step further by letting system administrators the option to allow the entire network, specified domains or specified users to customize the behaviour of the solution according to their needs.

Company: Vircom, Inc


Message Inspector
Each organization defines spam differently. ZixCorp understands that one size doesn’t fit all and developed Message Inspector, a customizable anti-spam solution. With Message Inspector, you have the flexibility to pick and choose among the best technologies for handling unsolicited emails. End users can create and manage their own list of acceptable/unacceptable email sources. While administrators can maintain these lists globally, they can also transfer that responsibility to each employee, which greatly reduces administrative overhead.

Over 2,500 attributes are scanned in each element of a message (header, body, and attachments). This configurable engine makes Message Inspector more effective against new, more sophisticated variances of spam. Message Inspector evaluates specific attributes of emails (written in English or any other language) before identifying them as spam and developing signatures, which minimizes false positives. In addition, dynamic signature updates are distributed as frequently as the network administrator chooses.

Company: Zix Corporation


Email can be an entry point for Spam and an exit point for confidential data. bt-MailFilter monitors and filters both incoming and outgoing emails. Optimize your network resources by eliminating or reducing unsolicited emails and Spam messages. bt-MailFilter supports multiple Microsoft Exchange servers and includes the following features: Bayesian technology, Sender block lists, Recipient block lists, Categorized keywords and phrases, Attachments – size and type, 3rd Party blacklist databases, Exceptions and more. MS Exchange 2000 and 2003 are both supported.

Company: Burst Technology


iHateSpam Server Edition
Spam has become a significant cause of productivity slowdowns. Increasing amounts of time are wasted wading through junk email to find and answer normal corporate messages. iHateSpam SE was built using the MMC interface and allows you to set up extremely flexible policies for large groups but also up to the single-user level (Top Management may need a bit of a different approach). You may not want to do it for all users, but iHateSpam even allows you to let all the spam get filtered into a quarantine box at the user level.

iHateSpam Server’s robust spam engine detects over 95% of spam. The spam engine also uses spam mutation detection, which looks for variations in junk email as spammers attempt to bypass detection engines. The spam detection engine leverages the Learning Network, comprised of almost 100,000 users who report spam from Sunbelt’s client versions, iHateSpam for Outlook and Outlook Express.

Company: Sunbelt Software


Mail Storage Guard
Mail Storage Guard is an extension for Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003 and IIS SMTP servers, designed to protect your mail server from unneeded promotional mail (spam), and prevent mail relaying, mail bombing and NDR attacks. The protection is realized both on the level of SMTP protocol and on the level of message delivery to storage. Mail Storage Guard is easy to install and set up, so no special training is necessary either for the user or for your administrator. Mail Storage Guard is fully integrated with Microsoft Exchange Server.

Company: MAPILab Ltd.


Policy Patrol
Policy Patrol is a comprehensive email filtering tool for Exchange 2000, 2003, 5.5 and Lotus Notes/Domino, and offers anti-spam, virus checking, keyword filtering, attachment blocking, disclaimers, signatures and many more email management features. The product is easy to install and configure, and its powerful rules wizard allows you to create customized user-based rules by specifying conditions, exceptions and actions. Policy Patrol is competitively priced and includes 20 sample rules that can get your email system fully protected within minutes after installation.

Company: Red Earth Software


AmikaGuardian Anti-Spam Server
The AmikaGuardian Server for Anti-spam leverages the proven capabilities of AmikaNow! ‘s highly sophisticated content analysis technology to identify junk mail by detecting the context and meaning in the email content. Our solution provides your organization with the ability to effectively screen spam out of the flow of corporate communications. The server is an SMTP gateway, a simple solution that works well with whatever email platform (or platforms!) your organization uses. Spam is very much like a virus, it must be continuously monitored and new anti-spam filters release. AmikaNow! releases one or two updates to its anti-spam filters every month.

Company: AmikaNow! Corporation


Sybari Advanced Spam Defense
Sybari Advanced Spam Defense (ASD) is a stand-alone, real-time spam detection service and solution for the Enterprise designed to combat the drain on IT and human resources caused by the harmful proliferation of unsolicited bulk email (also known as spam or junk mail). Sybari ASD combines a local Enterprise Gateway with a remote Service Center. The Gateway filters out known spam messages at the organization’s entry point, before distributing mail to recipients. This provides tremendous relief to server, network and storage resources, as well as saving end-users time and reducing corporate liability. When suspect but uncertain messages enter the Gateway, a query to the Service Center provides confirmation. The Service Center uses a unique arsenal of spam detection mechanisms to offer real-time, proactive spam protection.

Company: Sybari Software Inc.


SpamKiller for Microsoft Exchange
McAfee SpamKiller for Microsoft Exchange Small Business can help to reduce costs that are associated with spam by scanning incoming email as it reaches the Microsoft Exchange 2000 server. Once scanned, the spam email can be quarantined to a server-based junk mail folder, or into the user’s junk mail folder. By detecting spam, you will prevent your users from having to deal with the messages, helping them to increase their productivity. Offers multiple levels of protection including email header analysis, heuristic detection, keyword-based filtering, blacklists and whitelists, and self-tunes itself for higher accuracy and to adjust to changing conditions.

Company: McAfee, Inc.


SpamEquator Prime
As a stand-alone version of Webwasher’s popular SpamEquator module, SpamEquator(TM) Prime includes webwasher’s one-of-a-kind mechanism for highly accurate spam detection and filtering. Unlike spam filters that rely on a single method, the proprietary MethodMix(TM) technology built into SpamEquator Prime statistically coordinates the strengths of six anti-spam methods to deliver high blocking rates with less than 1% false positives. The product features anti-spam methods from industry leader Mailshell, sender-warranted filtering from Habeas, as well as four effective methods developed by Webwasher. Profile-based policies, white lists and customizable response actions allow enterprises to flexibly apply spam filtering across the organization – saving bandwidth and increasing productivity at a competitive price.

Company: webwasher AG


Power Tools for Exchange
Power Tools for Exchange is a cost-effective suite of content management components, that offers the flexibility you need to manage your email content securely and easily – and keep spam, viruses and other unwanted intruders out of your Exchange environment. The product consists of a set of content management extensions and services designed to protect, safeguard, and extend any enterprise’s Exchange Server environment. Features include External email monitoring for SPAM, text and file attachment violations – Concept scanning component for filtering internal and external messages based on message concept and intent instead of keywords and phrases – ODBC audit logging facility for effectively managing events associated with trigger-able messages, providing a foundation to be accessed by third-party report generators – Internal email monitoring for violations in corporate policy and intellectual property protection – Disclaimers for both internal and external emails.

Company: Nemx Software Corporation


Total Traffic Control
When you need to detect and resolve abuses on your network, Total Traffic Control will monitor and report network traffic activity so that you know not only what’s being abused, but also who, where, when, and why. Total Traffic Control (TTC) provides seven lines of defence to prevent spam mail from sapping your staff’s time and network resources in real-time, as it is entering your system. In addition, Total Traffic Control also provides Extensive traffic monitoring and reporting through a web browser, Locally controlled web and email content filtering, Peer-to-peer file-sharing limiting and blocking, Threat Detection, Threat detection, Bandwidth Management, Firewall security and WAN and server load balancing.

Company: Lightspeed Systems Inc.


MailScanner Basic Edition
MailScanner is the most popular email gateway scanning software in the world. MailScanner acts as the “brain” of your email gateway, configuring and controlling the actions of your Mail Transport Agent, Virus Scanner(s) and spam Detection software. Features include: Identifies over 95% of spam using several techniques, using automatic learning techniques and over 850 advanced heuristic tests – Spam can be tagged, encapsulated, rejected, discarded, archived or forwarded to other addresses for inspection by administrators – Pornographic spam can be stripped of all graphical content, protecting users from obscene content – Highly scalable: One Intel system can process over 1.5 million e-mail messages per day – Scans e-mail for viruses using any combination of up to 16 different virus scanners.

Company: Julian Field


MailStripper is an SMTP spam filter with anti-virus capability and is Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) independent. This filter software works with SMTP-based MTAs by filtering the incoming SMTP stream. This will stop spam from reaching your mailbox. MailStripper makes it simple to stop spam – it is much easier to install and configure than any other SMTP spam filter. Try it now and you can have your Linux, FreeBSD or Solaris mail server protected in minutes! Features include a flexible auto-updateable keyword list, sender and IP blacklists and (indirect) anti-virus capabilities.

Company: Eridani Star System


ChoiceMail Enterprise
DigiPortal Software announces the ChoiceMail Enterprise server. This innovative new product will seamlessly and efficiently protect small and large businesses against spam. ChoiceMail Enterprise easily integrates with almost any enterprise email server environment- Exchange, Domino, GroupWise, Netscape Mail Server and others. No software is required on the email server or the user’s computers. All ChoiceMail One features and protection options will be available for the whole enterprise. ChoiceMail Enterprise also supports mobile devices so your employees can enjoy advanced spam protection when downloading messages through their PDAs.

Company: DigiPortal Software Inc.


Cloudmark Authority
Cloudmark Authority stops spam at the gateway preventing unwanted emails from impacting your employee productivity and computing infrastructure. Authority analyzes spamDNA to fight unsolicited emails. Just as scientists predict whether someone will have a particular disease by looking for specific gene mutations, Authority predicts whether a message is a spam by looking for specific mutations in message structure called spamGenes. Authority uses spamDNA, a collection of spamGenes, to feed its spamGenes classifier which learns how to stop spam more effectively.

Finally, Cloudmark improves Authority’s effectiveness by constantly evolving the spamDNA it gets from Cloudmark SpamNet. Authority evaluates each message in this way, assigning it a confidence level and accessing company messaging policies to determine appropriate routing action offering IT administrators flexibility and manageability like never before.

Company: Cloudmark


NetIQ MailMarshal SMTP
NetIQ MailMarshal SMTP is a powerful solution for fighting spam that is simple to deploy and easy to manage. This comprehensive solution also delivers anti-virus protection, content filtering, robust reporting and email archiving for a safe and productive working environment. NetIQ MailMarshal SMTP works with all SMTP mail systems, including SendMail, Novell Groupwise, Lotus Domino, Linux mail servers and Microsoft Exchange to scrutinize all components of an e-mail message, including text, attachments and embedded content.

Company: NetIQ Corporation


Merak Instant Anti Spam
Merak Instant Anti Spam merges time-tested technologies such as Content Filtering, Anti Spam filtering and Static Filters and integrates them with our new cutting-edge Bayesian Filtering technology. Bayesian filtering technology calculates the probability of a message being Spam but analyses the message content. The system can run in an automated, auto-update, mode requiring no administration at all. The Merak Instant Anti-Spam is the “final solution” to your Spam problems and can help any organization, large and small, virtually eliminate Spam once and for all for a reasonable price. In basic mode, it is able to identify precisely 99.5% of Spam messages and allows you to manage each Spam message efficiently on an individual basis if required.

Company: IceWarp Ltd.


VisNetic MailScan for SMTP
VisNetic MailScan for SMTP works as an SMTP gateway, filtering viruses and spam before it reaches your mail server. This antivirus protection and email content filtering solution can be installed in front of one or more SMTP mail servers and is compatible with any other antivirus protection solution utilized on your network. VisNetic MailScan for SMTP will protect any SMTP mail server, including Microsoft Exchange, VisNetic MailServer, MDaemon, FTGate, NTMail, Merak Mail Server and more.



As rules-based, antispam, antivirus software, Praetor acts as a content filtering firewall providing email security to Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino or other SMTP-based servers. To increase anti-spam and anti-virus protection, Excelling at detecting emails containing common spammer tactics, Praetor’s design is based upon the premise that flexibility in defining rules is what email administrators really need. Praetor’s flexibility can define conditions beyond simple message body and subject line checks to block spam and other undesirable emails.

Company: Computer Mail Services, Inc.


Commtouch Anti-Spam Enterprise Gateway
Commtouch’s Anti-Spam Enterprise Gateway is a patent-pending spam filtering solution designed to combat the drain on IT and human resources caused by the harmful proliferation of unsolicited bulk email (aka, ‘junk mail’). Commtouch provides spam blocking coupled with low false positives to ensure the delivery of mission-critical communications coupled with low IT maintenance. The Commtouch Enterprise Gateway is a software add-on to the enterprise mail server. It may reside on the same machine as the mail server (front-end or backend) or on a dedicated SMTP server that communicates with the enterprise mail server. In addition, Commtouch connects to the corporate directory to read user information (read-only) in order to perform accurate policy management tasks pursuant to each recipient’s personal preferences.

Company: Commtouch Software Ltd.


Lyris MailShield Server
Lyris MailShield Server is a server-based email filtering program for medium- and large-sized businesses. MailShield Server can be used to block spam (junk email), prohibit mail relaying, and prevent mail bomb attacks – among many other email-related tasks! MailShield Server’s “fuzzy logic” filtering engine is one of the most effective spam-blocking tools available on the market. The engine supports the SpamAssassin spam identification technology, which runs over 300 separate tests on each individual message. As each test runs, MailShield Server allocates points to that message – the more points, the greater the probability that an individual message is spam. Depending on the result of these tests, MailShield Server can mark, redirect, or bounce undesirable mail.

Company: Lyris Technologies, Inc.


MailFrontier Anti-Spam Gateway
MailFrontier Anti-Spam Gateway is the most comprehensive, cost-effective solution on the market for tackling spam in the enterprise. This highly robust, scalable and flexible software is deployed at the gateway to provide advanced protection from the junk mail onslaught. Every corporation has a different definition of spam, and Anti-Spam Gateway dynamically “learns” corporate preferences over time. MailFrontier Anti-Spam Gateway is similar to a network security system in that it places multiple defences in combination. No single technique can eliminate the bulk of spam and protect your legitimate email. Unlike other solutions that are designed to block bad mail, we use a series of techniques to protect each type of mail.

Company: MailFrontier, Inc.


Trend Micro Spam Prevention Service
Trend Micro Spam Prevention Service is a high-performance, anti-spam application designed to block non-productive and malicious spam at the gateway. Trend Micro Spam Prevention Service employs patent-pending, heuristic technology that evaluates, identifies and monitors existing and new messages using multiple email characteristics, providing highly accurate spam capture rates with very low false positives. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Trend Micro’s antivirus and content security solutions, Trend Micro Spam Prevention Service analyzes messages in memory to address the performance and scalability requirements of the global enterprise.

Company: Trend Micro, Inc.


No Spam Today!
No Spam Today! is an SMTP proxy server-based spam filter that sits between the internet and your mail server (or may be installed on the mail server itself). It uses award-winning SpamAssassin technology to identify and mark spam. Incoming mail is accepted from the open internet, checked for spam, and is then delivered to your existing SMTP mail server. During this process, SpamAssassin will flag spam mail in the subject line and add a filtering report to spam mail according to your configuration.

Company: Paessler GmbH


CS MAILsweeper for SMTP Anti-spam Edition
CS MAILsweeper protects millions of users across the world and is the most widely used anti-spam solution today. Its strength lies in the depth of its functionality and its ease of implementation. CS MAILsweeper uses a combination of complementary techniques, technologies and services. It employs both network-based and content-based spam-blocking techniques to provide organizations with a comprehensive set of tools to combat this nuisance. CS MAILsweeper for SMTP Anti-spam Edition is specifically designed and configured to allow you to set a truly effective anti-spam policy, in minutes.

Company: Clearswift Limited


PureMessage is a comprehensive, flexible email management solution enabling organizations to take control of their email traffic by protecting against spam and virus threats while enforcing other vital communication policies at the email gateway. PureMessage provides full control over the security and usage of any corporate email system at the gateway level and protects against productivity loss, network downtime and vulnerability of informational assets associated with an unsolicited or malicious email. Designed to be highly scalable, PureMessage will meet the throughput requirements of any sized organization, and extend easily to provide continuity of operation as the business grows. PureMessage also minimizes administration in large organizations by providing a web-based interface for configuration, monitoring, and reporting.

Company: ActiveState Corp


OrangeBox Mail
OrangeBox Mail prevents intellectual property, confidential documents, or offensive language from leaving the corporate domain via outgoing E-mail; while keeping spam or inappropriate content from coming in. The text of the message and all its attachments, regardless of format or compression, are analyzed and passed or blocked according to user-defined policy. A key feature of OrangeBox Mail is a new type of spam filter for content security management. Cobion technology uses text and image recognition to protect corporate networks against unwanted E-mails. It prevents the inadvertent filtering of relevant E-mails and avoids manual deletion of unnecessary E-mails.

Company: Cobion AG


Omniquad Mailwall Enterprise
Removes all types of e-mail threats – Intercepts all e-mail messages on your network, disassembles them and looks for undesired/illicit content and threats in your e-mail: SPAM exploits, macro viruses and malicious HTML code. All policies are rules-based – you can automatically filter, delete or quarantine suspicious messages. Works with all mail servers and does not require changes in setup for your existing e-mail users.

Company: Omniquad Ltd.


SurfControl E-mail Filter
SurfControl E-mail Filter is an accurate and scalable e-mail management tool. SurfControl enables you to manage your spam and junk mail, secure your corporate proprietary information, protect against virus outbreaks, and increase your employee and mail server productivity. SurfControl’s ease of use and intelligent tools for automated content recognition provides comprehensive content filtering for the enterprise. SurfControl Filtering is available as a standalone SMTP gateway, which works with all SMTP mail servers, and as a plug-in to Microsoft Exchange 5.5 – for the added feature of internal mail filtering.

Company: SurfControl plc


GWAVA Enterprise Edition
GWAVA is designed to provide impenetrable security for Novell’s GroupWise. It is the only Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, and eSecurity agent with content filtering, attachment blocking, and bandwidth-saving measures for use with GroupWise 5.5 or 6.x. GWAVA protects you from unwanted Spam in a number of ways, including the newly developed Anti-Spam Heuristics, and the ability to use Real-time Blackhole Lists to ward off unwanted Spam. Address/Domain Blocking: Do-it-yourself blacklists that reject e-mail arriving from specified addresses or domains. Content Filtering: Content filtering protects you by blocking spam—from both known and unknown sources—by filtering Spam-like content such as “hair restoration”, “herbal v!agra”, “debt consolidation”, and more. Content Filtering lets you decide what words and phrases are typical of Spam. Real-Time Blackhole Lists (RBL): GWAVA supports automated RBL services. Configure GWAVA to compare all inbound mail against one or several RBLs—such as MAPS, ORBS, and Spamcop. Anti-Spam Heuristics: GWAVA introduces powerful, highly accurate algorithms that make intelligent decisions on whether an e-mail message is Spam.

Company: Beginfinite Inc.


CanIt is a content-based Spam and virus-control product based on the acclaimed open-source MIMEDefang mail inspection and manipulation software. With CanIt, you can reduce costs and increase productivity by eliminating spam without losing legitimate messages. CanIt runs on your mail server and monitors all incoming mail. Using sophisticated algorithms, it intercepts mail which looks like spam and forces it to remain on the sender’s server. CanIt’s spam detector is highly accurate, picking up over 99% of all spam messages. Your Spam Control Officer can scan the trapped messages, releasing non-spam ones and ensuring you never lose valid e-mail. As time goes by, you can set up blacklists and whitelists. CanIt learns from you as you use it, and the Spam Control Officer’s workload decreases. In only 10-15 minutes per day, one person can despam an entire organization.

Company: Roaring Penguin Software Inc.