Anti-Spam Services

This is a collection of anti-spam services that will help you defend yourself from the junk mail that you receive.

Disposable Email Services

Disposable email address services allow you to create a unique (or disposable) email address of your own for each of your contacts. Users may access all the mail sent to the various disposable addresses from a single centralized web-based location or alternatively, the service provider may allow you to configure the service so that mail is forwarded to the POP3 account of your choice. Any one of the disposable addresses may be deactivated should you start to receive spam through a particular address. Because the address would be unique, you would have the added benefit of knowing exactly who has betrayed your trust. Please note that in some cases, addresses may be deactivated automatically (or expire) after a fixed period depending upon the service provider.

Challenge/Response Services

This is a list of email verification service (also known as challenge/response) providers. When an email arrives from an unknown sender, a reply email is sent back asking the sender to verify/authenticate either by simply clicking on a link, answering a simple question, typing in what can be seen in an image, typing in what can be heard in an audio file, or any other idea that these providers come up with.

Managed/Hosted Anti-Spam Services

Such services use solutions that are installed and hosted on the anti-spam vendor’s network. Your incoming emails are filtered by the vendor before reaching your own network. Requires you to change your MX record to point to the vendor’s network. Corporate privacy issues should be taken into account while considering such services.