Anti-Spam Software Listings

This is a collection of anti-spam software that will help you defend yourself from the junk mail that you receive.

Client-Based Anti-Spam Software

Software that resides on your own computer, performing spam filtering as you receive it. Such software may be available as a stand-alone product that filters mail before reaching the email client or as an add-on that integrates with your email client.

Stand-alone software grants you the freedom to continue using the email client of your choice, while an add-on would require you to use an email client which is supported by the software. Nonetheless, add-on anti-spam utilities generally require less effort when it comes to managing spam by providing management options within the email client itself. When deployed throughout a network, client-side antispam software allows each user to configure the software so that it performs according to that user’s individual needs. But your administrator will have a rough time implementing and enforcing spam and email usage policies throughout a network due to its decentralized approach.

Server-Based Anti-Spam Software

This section contains a list of anti-spam software for servers that are installed either on the mail server itself or in front of the mail server. Therefore gateway-based anti-spam solutions are also included here.

Such solutions normally perform spam identification and filtering before legitimate emails are distributed to the intended recipients throughout the network thus reducing the impact that spam has on end-user productivity and on network resources. Because of the server-based approach, anti-spam and general email content policies are easily enforceable throughout the network, but usually at the expense of flexibility for individual users.

Some solutions allow users to review mail on the server which has been flagged as spam and give them the opportunity to notify the network administrator of any false positives. The network administrator can then fine-tune the software for improved accuracy. Many of the solutions listed here are comprised of various modules that address issues such as email anti-virus protection, anti-trojan protection and enforcement of outbound email corporate policies, providing enhanced value for those that require an all-in-one solution.

Miscellaneous Software

Software that doesn’t fit any of our existing software categories, but yet is related to spam.